How do you get tickets to see the Today show in NYC to see Justin Bieber?

Posted on July 7, 2010
megggggggggggg<3 asked:

okay, so Justin Bieber responded to one of my questions like an hour ago and said to stop by the today show on monday because he’s going to be there (: and i knew he was going to be their because i watched the today show this morning but, how do you get tickets? or do you even need tickets? and if you see this Justin can you respond again? <3 thanks (:

Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

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  1. Dude:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    just go to the official website.

    06.07.2010 06:00

  2. toniann.:

    [Justin did what ?]

    i’m going.. you don’t need tickets. it’s free, but its going to be crowded.. thats why i got the fan passes which puts you right in the front, but they are out of those! if you want to be close.. i suggest you get their REALLY early!

    09.07.2010 12:09

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