Does Justin Bieber Wear A Wig ?

Posted on August 8, 2011
Christopher F asked:

I hear there’s a romer going around that Justin Bieber wears a wig.
(his hair is too neat)

[Justin did what ?]


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  1. Master Chief:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    no its all lies hes just really hot

    12.08.2011 18:25

  2. adele143:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    Don’t believe everything you hear.

    16.08.2011 03:24

  3. Evelyn:

    What will happen in 2012 ?

    Yeah it’s probably true :S

    19.08.2011 06:05


    Where is Kesha right now ?

    She probably does. You know how girls are, always wanting to look different.

    21.08.2011 10:22

  5. <3:

    [Justin did what ?]

    And he would wear a wig because…. ?

    22.08.2011 02:28

  6. MusicLuver:

    Where Do Your Favorite Celebrities Hang Out ?

    i heard that he’s a 50 year old sick person wearing a mask (i saw it on youtube the video was from the CNN)

    answer my queation …

    25.08.2011 14:13

  7. Julietta Julietta!:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    nope it’s all real haha

    28.08.2011 07:08

  8. Devin Chase:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    Not true, his hair grows because haven’t you seen that he gets his hair cut every month and he also shakes his head alot so if it was a wig it would fall of.

    29.08.2011 00:15

  9. CK:

    What will happen in 2012 ?

    nope that’s all his real hair

    30.08.2011 15:17

  10. xLDTx:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    True. I pulled it off in a drunken rage.

    31.08.2011 03:03

  11. Abraham Campbell:

    Where Do Your Favorite Celebrities Hang Out ?

    Hi ,

    You must be a JB fan as you are talking about him and mentioning his name.

    I love everything about him his voice, his songs, his eyes, what he wears, just anything to do with him. My friends and I just can not get enough of him.

    JB is so controversial as some **** him all because of jealousy. But you know what these jealous people still know who he is and are still talking about him.

    My friends and I listen to his music all the time and we have downloaded his music onto our ringtones and this is funny as some of us have the same one so when it goes off we all seem to pick our cellphones at the same time.
    Oh Justin you are so wonderful….

    31.08.2011 08:31

  12. Jake:

    [Justin did what ?]

    He might wear a wig. But it is possible to have hair like that. I have it. But not because I wanted to look like him. I had hair exactly like his before anyone even knew who he was. Now people are saying I’m *** cause I ripped off his hairstyle. But the girls think my hair is **** and I know that I didn’t really rip it off him so I’m happy right now.

    03.09.2011 01:57

  13. Natasha:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    Of course he does.

    03.09.2011 17:29

  14. donklue:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    look at this video then tell if you think he has a wig

    06.09.2011 14:54

  15. Annie D:

    [Justin did what ?]

    That’s a lie!

    Here you can see him:

    06.09.2011 18:37

  16. Alex Bieber:

    [Justin did what ?]

    He doesn’t wear a wig, he does it himself but it only really takes 5 mins

    08.09.2011 21:13

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