Has Justin bieber hit puberty yet?

Posted on July 7, 2011
Jacob asked:

has justin bieber hit puberity?…his voice is so high whle singing..and he has no armpit hair..now is that normal for a 15 year old or is it just me that i find it wierd?..

What will happen in 2012 ?


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  1. Conny:

    Where Do Your Favorite Celebrities Hang Out ?

    the boy HAS NOT hit puberty. the signs are there.

    20.07.2011 00:42

  2. You can just call me Mrs.Bieber:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    Justin Bieber hasn’t hit puberty yet, but he will soon, and when he does and his voice changes, he may lose his singing career, or it could improve. Seeing that it could go either way, you’ll notice that his album is going to come out relatively shortly because they don’t know when his voice will change. You’ll also notice that the record label hasn’t planned his tour rumored to begin this summer.

    20.07.2011 08:52

  3. ummhey:

    [Justin did what ?]

    I would say just because his voice hasn’t changed, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t hit puberty yet. My voice changing definitely did not happen first when I hit puberty. Also I am a singer and I am not as well trained as Justin Bieber and I can still hit almost every not he sings and my voice is almost done changing. I’m sure he’ll have some problems with his voice change, but I doubt it will ruin his career. Also no armpit hair isn’t really a good indicator.

    Sorry but could some people please answer my question?

    23.07.2011 17:11

  4. cfreezman:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    i think yes because no hair at 15 dosent really mean any thing he has that baby face going on thats all

    24.07.2011 13:35

  5. Barcode:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    I don’t see where this has anything to do with Men’s Health, do you?

    27.07.2011 10:55

  6. Lyka:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    Nope. :)) Even though I like the guy, his voice kinda sounds like a girl. :p But he’s still hot. =P~

    29.07.2011 11:37

  7. helpmeplz:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    Lol true..im a HUGE fan though and if you go youtube you can find ton videos with him if you type in fashionista2014

    31.07.2011 03:03

  8. Prince Robert:

    Yes, actually, Justin Bieber HAS hit puberty (note the spelling), only he’s 3 years later than average. Most boys’ voices change around 14, but he is just now beginning the process at age 17. So while he is a late bloomer, he has begun to sound much different than he used to.

    02.09.2011 11:12

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