Justin Bieber – Favorite Girl & One Time [ Live Ellen Show 11/03/2009 ]

Posted on May 5, 2010
nessa19900 asked:

Justin Bieber performs ” Favorite Girl & One Time” Live on The Ellen Degeneres Show November 03, 2009 Justin Bieber – MTV ARTIST OF THE WEEK: – Never Let You Go (Bieberworld) www.youtube.com – One Less Lonely Girl (Bieberzone) www.youtube.com – Favorite Girl (Marylishezz) www.youtub…

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25 Responses

  1. cnaomihill:

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    Justin Bieber is hot!!!!!

    22.05.2010 09:48

  2. Fungused:


    Now if you see his new perform he did on Ellen today, he sounds much more better with his voice deeper….check it out! >>>>

    25.05.2010 07:48

  3. briidelarosa:

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    27.05.2010 18:44

  4. rainbowfreenzy:

    justin bieber

    U know u people that hate Justin bieber r stupid.i mean who wachtes stuff that they hate! It makes worse sense than a bird with no flap!!!!!!!! And for those of u that like jb srry

    30.05.2010 08:56

  5. sayzjustinbieber:


    shut up haters yah!his voice is getting deeper now ,,,his xo talented..love him

    31.05.2010 21:47

  6. hazzystan:

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    @MoonRiderXXX No he still sonds like a 12-year-old girl.

    03.06.2010 04:15



    i hate it when he is take his hand at his stummig ! everytime he do this

    04.06.2010 08:36

  8. imperfect10nist1:


    @MoonRiderXXX true dat !

    04.06.2010 16:08

  9. MoonRiderXXX:

    justin bieber

    his voice is deeper. He sounds awesome live

    06.06.2010 00:25

  10. EarnWithTwitter:

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    08.06.2010 17:38

  11. Dam1000Dam1000:

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    09.06.2010 04:00

  12. MikeLeProductions:

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    @XxBEWAREiGLITCHxX Yo come check out my “Baby” parody!

    11.06.2010 20:20

  13. sallysally400:


    And still very cute

    13.06.2010 04:01

  14. sallysally400:

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    He really is deeper live : )

    16.06.2010 13:14

  15. TheGaGaPolice:

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    True fan of JB? Please yell at the person who made this vid. /watch?v=iEJOJ9IYK10

    17.06.2010 18:19


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    19.06.2010 15:34

  17. lulugamvinny17:

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    esta re genial te amo justin bieber sos re lindo y guapo ojala yo fuera de estados unidos para ser tu fans o tu amiga ojala pasara eso seria re genial te amo sos re lindo mi amor

    22.06.2010 19:15

  18. lulugamvinny17:

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    @MrJens1909 vos seras gay

    22.06.2010 21:37

  19. babababrittany:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    daang, you guys are really jealous of him. hhaha.

    25.06.2010 16:38

  20. Nabeltwitter:


    message me if you want an invite to lockerz

    26.06.2010 16:58

  21. tenshidark7:

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    @MrJens1909 ur so gunna get hated xD

    26.06.2010 23:24

  22. MrJens1909:


    he is gay

    30.06.2010 10:20

  23. GivingHelp:


    Just when Zac Efron died from the press. Justin Bieber came. WHEN DOES IT END!

    30.06.2010 14:08

  24. bernajohn315:

    justin bieber

    me encanta justin tiene talento y actitud un beso para justin y que siga a delante te apoya chile

    03.07.2010 00:01

  25. wseturki4mo:


    he looks like a 10 years old boy but who cares he´s got a great voice and all girls love him

    04.07.2010 18:51

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