Justin Bieber Gets Hit By Water Bottle on Stage!

Posted on October 10, 2010
djnick7000 asked:

Justin Bieber Gets Hit By Water Bottle on Stage!!!! with quake/unreal tournament/couterstrike sounds OK so it was a tshirt and some candy that was thrown. I dont care.

Where is Kesha right now ?


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3 Responses

  1. Emily:

    justin Bieber is just like everyone else there is no one who is diffrent then me or you nd,, just because someone can sing doesnt mean that there more important than me either..!!!

    20.10.2010 10:43

  2. Catherine Trebble:

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    09.09.2011 01:49

  3. Taylor:

    I’m totally with commenter Emily.

    If you get up on stage, there’s a chance someone is going to chuck something at you. Wear a helmet or stay home

    20.10.2011 14:38

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