Justin Bieber KISSING Selena Gomez

Posted on February 2, 2012
hollywoodbackstage asked:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are quite smitten by each other and just couldn’t stop kissing…

Want to be a Millionaire ?


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  1. ByThewayImgone:

    What will happen in 2012 ?

    Stupid Pop culture for stupid? assholes

    15.02.2012 15:50

  2. TheEmily557:

    [Justin did what ?]

    omg he looks so like enrique rodriuez? hehe hope he doesent see this lol

    18.02.2012 08:39

  3. emilybravo1:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    victorvkrapero En 1997 una chica llamada lauren,? estaba caminando en? un bosque,despues desaparecio de repente nunca nadie la encontro hasta el 2000 cuando otra chica llama Mary encontro su cuerpo y unas marcas en su pecho decian: no era lo suficiente hermosa” y ahora que haz leido esto ella aparecera en tu espejo diciendo que no eres lo? suficientemente hermoso y te matara!(por cierto la chica llamada Mary murio poco despues)Para? poder salvarte pega esto en otros 5 videos.ESTO ES CIERTO

    21.02.2012 07:45

  4. lokitadominican:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    @ashleytanguaychannel LiKe i hadd saidd too mostt of the DICKHEAD PPL sayingg oh selena is a ***** nd justin is *** BLAH BLAH BLAH alright nd this is me bitching : GET A FUCKING LIFE GOT KICK ROCK ND JUMP OFF A DAMN FUCKING MONTAIN ND STFU THEY DONT GICKING CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU OR OTHERR? HATERS SAY OR THINKING SO why waste your breath on your STUPIDITY!

    24.02.2012 13:54

  5. chainchompman:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    @brattypea 😀 ITS FUN TO? PRETEND!!!!!!!Now i am gonna pretend i am an airplane flying the REAL selena gomez to a concert!! T_T seriously i am not amused

    27.02.2012 02:16

  6. delzirockz:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    @FcebookRules21 I? clicked on it to see how stupid it was…

    01.03.2012 07:02

  7. FcebookRules21:

    [Justin did what ?]

    @delzirockz Who Cares? Ummm? your the One Who clicked on this Video…….

    02.03.2012 08:41

  8. k00lkidsxo:

    What will happen in 2012 ?

    @delzirockz If no one cares (including you) then why did you come to this video?? Obviously YOU care.

    04.03.2012 19:06

  9. brattypea:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?


    07.03.2012 23:12

  10. SapphireLuver789:

    What will happen in 2012 ?

    Selena’s okay, but I? like Justin and Caitlin Beadles best

    11.03.2012 08:22

  11. ashleytanguaychannel:

    Want to be a Millionaire ?


    13.03.2012 11:23

  12. iGamerDudeHere:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    @MrJhennifer2 oh SHUT THE **** UP YOU STUPID *****! :)?

    14.03.2012 12:32

  13. nikkijmm:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    stupidsest? vid. ever

    16.03.2012 09:14

  14. Mabinogi1paladin:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    @MrJhennifer2? creep

    17.03.2012 17:50

  15. elizabethdeleon97:

    [Justin did what ?]

    I love Jelena? they are so cute together!

    18.03.2012 12:11

  16. kaktusherbert:

    [Justin did what ?]

    watch our covers? in my chanel 😀

    20.03.2012 03:31

  17. Samantha100497:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    i **** salena to my lif is jb? is my life

    20.03.2012 18:17

  18. joaolutop:

    Want to be a Millionaire ?

    vc viu o cara do justin bieber esta sorrindo parece viado? oxii!!!!!

    23.03.2012 08:30

  19. brianlevinemusic:

    Where Do Your Favorite Celebrities Hang Out ?

    Im Brian Levine

    I just made a music video for an acoustic song “LET? GO” i wrote!

    Come? watch and I will

    25.03.2012 17:40

  20. Selenagomezlover1100:

    Want to be a Millionaire ?

    @YourLyricProvider hahahah? yeah sounds like it

    28.03.2012 20:17

  21. MrJhennifer2:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    I **** selena gomez she is? very fake ***** and I justin bieber he’s my life

    29.03.2012 07:53

  22. TheNabila99:

    [Justin did what ?]

    @YourLyricProvider what? do you mean?

    29.03.2012 21:22

  23. brittany4jm4ever:

    Where Do Your Favorite Celebrities Hang Out ?

    Haha! The woman doing the video sounds sick? 😛

    01.04.2012 20:57

  24. readysetgumdrop:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    Yeah, they go out. They’re allowed to kiss. OH NO!? THEY KISSED SOMEONE CALL THE COPS!! Stfu… -_____-

    02.04.2012 22:22

  25. KnivesAndPens21:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    @amberdanila123 I’m going to guess your like five judging by the fact that you misspelled uglier, and? you said “uglyer than **** and pee” Your too immature to be on the internet you troll :)

    03.04.2012 03:35

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