Justin Bieber’s Phone Number

Posted on July 7, 2010

Probably the most sought after 7 digits on the planet. If you had Justin’s number, would you call ? What would you say ? What can you say to someone that is wanted by every teenage girl on the planet ? The question that is troubling sociologists and those who study Pop Culture is the main question. What is it about Justin Bieber that makes girls fall in love with him. Is it his Puppy-Dog appeal. That cute look that makes them want to take care of him ? Or is it the strength of his positive personality and music ? Justin Bieber Fever is stronger than any audience worship since Elvis or the Beatles. Please comment on what it is you love about Justin Bieber . We’re also thinking that someone might know his new number and leave it in the comments.


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22 Responses

  1. savannah rodriguez:

    hey justin bieber i am your big fan i am 16 i love u kiss kiss

    06.07.2010 15:17

  2. Amelia:

    hey i love ur music and i think ……………… i think ur kinda cute 2.

    10.07.2010 17:00

  3. rachel xoxo:

    Hi my name is Rachel. I know his ex girlfriend Caitlin Victoria Beadles. We are like sisters! She can’t give out his number, not even to me! (its fine, i know he wants privacy so idk) His fan line is 1.404.665.3410 xoxo,

    12.07.2010 08:03

  4. nika maharjan:

    luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymmmmmmmmuuuuucccccccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh

    14.07.2010 23:16

  5. jessica russell:


    16.07.2010 18:36

  6. Meqan:

    1877 summthinqq haha naw im not qunna qive it out(:

    19.07.2010 13:56

  7. Nicole:

    hey justin i love you soo much i really would like stand in frot of a bulet for you i LOVE you so sos os much justin hey can i get your # AND YOUR MUSIC IS HOTT!!! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR THE HOTEST THAND ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!! LOVE YOU!!! LOL

    23.07.2010 12:39


    justin you are the HOTTEST GUY ON THIS UNIVERSE and i would do anything for you xoxoxo

    23.07.2010 12:46

  9. cerys love bieber thomas:

    hey i love u jistin i have a book of 57 resons y i love u

    03.08.2010 23:57

  10. Conner Hefner:

    hey justin i know that there is a one and a million chance u will read this but i love u soo much u are an inspiration to me b/c i love to sing and dance to!!!!! i most definatley love to jerk! im ur biggest fan! i love u! :o)

    10.08.2010 18:41

  11. Conner Hefner:

    Also i meant to say i went to see ur concert i n atlanta! so awesome!!!!! it was the bomb.com! 😮

    10.08.2010 18:43

  12. faith:

    HEY whats your phone number and e-mail address Love,Faith you TURN ME ON

    16.08.2010 08:49

  13. maggie:

    i your absoultly luv your music and i luv u i think u r the sexiest man that ever walked this earth

    09.09.2010 13:38

  14. mulenga:

    Justin i kind of like your music its alright but when sing your music how do you relly fill inside do you write our lyrics acording to your mood or ftllings?

    13.10.2010 12:42

  15. mulenga:

    i made a mistake i mean’t to say your lyrics

    13.10.2010 12:47

  16. Arianne:

    Hey justin if I talked to you person to person I will treat you just like any other person and I want to be your friend not just a fan but a real friend.

    13.11.2010 15:12

  17. Arianne:

    Hey justin andI was hoping if you can come to my 16 yrs old birthday next month december 8 it would be really great we can go bowling play hockey eat spagetti and just have a great time and I’m not like any other crazy fan out there I am totaly calm perosn and very nice. When you say something I will listen and respond back to you I promise I am a nice listener and I keep secret so you can trust me.

    13.11.2010 15:14

  18. jokha justin bieber fan:

    hii justin i love you can you give me in fb your phon number baby ??

    14.11.2010 02:57

  19. alexis:

    i love you justin i am 9 kiss kiss

    25.02.2011 15:44

  20. alexis:

    i am 9 can i have your phone number please tex me number one fan

    25.02.2011 15:45

  21. tete:

    hay I love u so muc im 12 and ima big fan

    30.03.2011 04:30

  22. ginni2000:

    hi justin, I’m 13 potrei avere il tuo numero di telefono???? please

    09.05.2013 11:31

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