Justin Bieber’s Baby – Parody (Mariah Yeater)

Posted on February 2, 2012
DxDutch asked:

Click “show more” for more info, links and lyrics! INFO: This song and video is about Mariah Yeater claiming that Justin Bieber is the father of her newborn. This song is sung from the eyes of Mariah Yeater. It’s all fun, please don’t take this seriously. Justin Bieber says he denies that he is the father. The melody is based on Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”. LINKS: www.twitter.com www.facebook.com LYRICS: Oh oh oh oh x3 You know i love you, I love your hair went to your concert, so i could stare at your pretty 16 year old face and then i got to meet him behind the stage so he took me into a bathroom he laid down on me and he went boom boom 30 seconds and he was all done 9 months later i popped out biebers son Thats right he’s got a baby baby baby a baby baby baby hes got a baby baby baby your baby needs diapers and food I filed a lawsuit, ’cause you’re the daddy oh yeah 10 million would make me happy for our baby, i’ll do lots of things like get him lots of cool ****** piercings come on Justin, you’re the father forget Selena, you know i’m hotter come and see me, but before you get here stop and buy a bottle and some diapers ’cause it is your baby baby baby your baby baby baby yeah you got a baby baby baby your baby needs diapers and food

Where is Kesha right now ?


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26 Responses

  1. Reiners:

    Copy it into your browser http://www.netadclick.com/hirdetes/1295 after click on the ads.

    02.02.2012 05:19

  2. Mecagoentumadr3:

    What will happen in 2012 ?

    U still llok beautiful? with those piercings 😀

    05.02.2012 03:16

  3. martez71:

    [Justin did what ?]

    This sexy? jb

    08.02.2012 10:23

  4. BlakeMichaelFan1:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    I fucking DESPISE Maraih Yeater.. I’m an epic BELIEBER but this? was hella funny XD

    08.02.2012 23:45

  5. 100shuffling1:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?


    09.02.2012 22:07

  6. CrazyBieberFann:

    [Justin did what ?]

    i’m justin bieber but this is funny xD?

    12.02.2012 19:04

  7. magnusoskar:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    I love you? Justin!!!!!

    16.02.2012 00:27

  8. bonzi76:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    Didnt this happen before??

    16.02.2012 01:58

  9. BBakaBabyboi:

    [Justin did what ?]

    Lol? make more

    17.02.2012 22:08

  10. BBakaBabyboi:

    [Justin did what ?]

    That ? girl lied that is not justins baby hes with selena gomez

    18.02.2012 06:20

  11. DxDutch:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    @ThoseTreesCanTalk yeah, I’m supposed to be looking like? Mariah Yeater :)

    18.02.2012 08:08

  12. ThoseTreesCanTalk:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    you look like a troll? with all those piercings.

    18.02.2012 22:49

  13. 32vickster:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    Dude… I’m not really? a fan of the piercings and jank, but this video is amazing. I love Justin, but I laughed my *** off. Really. You should do more(:

    19.02.2012 03:45

  14. 3109bettyrocks:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    @DxDutch? You should give me the Justin Bieber cut out 😀

    19.02.2012 04:52

  15. alexa1879:

    [Justin did what ?]

    dude? her bra is stickin out

    20.02.2012 18:06

  16. alexa1879:

    Want to be a Millionaire ?

    i just realized that the baby had a wig? on you can see it on 1:28

    20.02.2012 22:04

  17. TheCutegurl555:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    ugly ew?

    21.02.2012 18:32

  18. Zooni2:

    [Justin did what ?]

    With all Bieber’s money the song would be called? “he’s got a Nanny, Nanny, Nanny.”

    22.02.2012 19:47

  19. DxDutch:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    @whatrugonnadocrazy haha no problem!? :)

    25.02.2012 14:58

  20. beccalovesjbieber:

    [Justin did what ?]

    @DxDutch I WANT? ONE!:'(xoxo.

    27.02.2012 18:34

  21. whatrugonnadocrazy:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    @DxDutch ur right, sorry? sweety. i take my comment back about the video. but not the crazy bieber fans lol.

    29.02.2012 11:28

  22. DxDutch:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

    @x0xdestructionx I bought it for this video :-) But … now I am stuck with a life size? justin bieber cardboard cutout though 0.o

    02.03.2012 14:06

  23. DxDutch:

    [Justin did what ?]

    @SMiNiH but he was 16 when Mariah Yeater? went to his concert 😉

    06.03.2012 00:04

  24. DxDutch:

    Want to be a Millionaire ?

    @whatrugonnadocrazy I think you understood? it wrong 😉 This song is a parody of the Mariah Yeater story. I’m pretending to be a character, not myself.

    06.03.2012 04:52

  25. whatrugonnadocrazy:

    What will happen in 2012 ?

    wth, do you like have *** with the life size? cardboard bieber figure. i don’t see how people can be so obsessed actors, singers, etc. to the extreme. i don’t care what you do and how you look ill never like cry over seeing someone like some of these little bieber fans lol

    06.03.2012 16:40

  26. Mikster7500:

    Are you a fan of Britney Spears ?

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    09.03.2012 02:57

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