Would You Have Justin’s Baby ?

Posted on December 12, 2011

Would you have Justin Bieber’s baby. At first it seems an easy question. After all what girl wouldn’t want Justin Bieber in their life ? Let’s say there was a contest , and the winner would bet to have the Bieber baby, would you really want to win ? You would be an instant celebrity. This seems very glamorous. But imagine paparazzi peeking in your windows and knocking on your doors and following you everywhere you went. Justin would be off on tour enjoying the good life while you were at home taking care of Little Bieby. Of course you’d see him occasionally, he would probably come over and spend a few days with you and the Baby. But then he would be gone again , and you’d be changing diapers and hiding from the photographers. What would you call the baby ? Let’s say that you can’t use the name Justin. What name would sound best with the last name Bieber. If there was a contest and they wanted you to explain why you should have Justin’s Baby, what would you say ?


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  1. Barbi:

    I would and I would name him Taylor, Taylor Bieber and I should win because I have little brothers and sisters and know how to raise them,

    03.12.2011 13:18

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