what is some cool designs to put on a homemade justin bieber shirt?

Posted on August 8, 2010
Jordan asked:

i am making a homemade justin bieber shirt for an upcoming concert an i wanna make it something unique. i kinda know what words i want on it (but feel free to leave to leave ideas on that) but i wanna know what kind of designs to put on it so it won’t be so plain. any ideas?

Where is Kesha right now ?


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  1. kayla:


    27.08.2010 20:52

  2. Curlyy Friess :):

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    i was wondering the same thing cuz i think im gonna make a shirt for the concert im going to—–idk like make alot of hearts and write jb all over it maybe?

    oh and if u havent yet you should join bieberfever.com its a really cool website with a bunch of exclusive jb things =)

    30.08.2010 03:49

  3. JustinBiebersMyLife:

    im going in two days 😀 mine says this- and now the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got fever but we kick them to the curb unless they look like J BIEBER

    17.10.2010 14:12

  4. JBieberLover:

    My shirt says- Sorry, I only date guys named

    21.12.2010 08:04

  5. BieberSwagg01:

    Uhmmm?,i went to his concert December 16th,&My shirt said;;Dr.Bieber cure my Bieber Fever,then i had a little thermometer and on the back it said,my name then down below it said Got Bieber…….I Do!,hope this helps sorry i know your condert is over but any one who reads this i hope its helpful(:

    14.01.2011 15:13

  6. Kayla:

    “Now the dudes are lineing up cause they hear we got fever, but we kick em’ to the curb unless they look like J.Bieber!” 😀

    23.01.2011 15:48

  7. ME!!!!:

    thats wat mine said

    23.05.2011 19:32

  8. hailey:

    me and my friend came up with it that should be me holding jbs hand :)

    15.06.2011 09:25

  9. jesboston:

    Nice post! good information.

    06.05.2012 05:13

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