who is the kid in the eenie meenie video who looks like justin bieber?

Posted on July 7, 2010
sky asked:

i was watching the eenie meenie music video and there is a kid in a purple shirt who looks like a younger justin bieber. i was wondering what his name is.

Where is Kesha right now ?


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  1. nichole:

    Christian Beadles, (: he’s HOT. 😛

    02.07.2010 21:18

  2. Justin Beepler Is A Sexy Girl:

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    Some ***** name Shiela Montgomery.

    05.07.2010 19:26

  3. kiley:

    christianb eadles

    06.07.2010 12:28

  4. emma :):

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    Christian Beadles, i am pretty sure he is an old friend of justin’s

    07.07.2010 04:32

  5. <3:

    [Justin did what ?]

    Christian Beadles.

    If you wanted to know about him… he’s 13, Justin’s friend, people say his sister Catlin dated Justin, but they never confirmed it. i dont remember what else.

    09.07.2010 14:23

  6. yUMMyGUMMy:

    [Justin did what ?]

    Christian Beadles

    Here’s his youtube channel::

    12.07.2010 02:52

  7. Courtney:

    Where is Kesha right now ?

    His name is Christian Beadles.
    Christian and his sister Caitlin met Justin a long time ago at church.
    Justin and Caitlin dated for awhile, but when Justin go famous they ended it because Justin moved & they don’t see each other much.
    Now they are all best friends.

    15.07.2010 08:39

  8. Monica:

    Where Do Your Favorite Celebrities Hang Out ?

    the kid in purple who looks like a mini bieber is christian beadles. justin met him and his sister caitlin when he moved to atlanta, georgia. christian is 13 years old. justin dated his sister until he had to leave for tour and couldnt give her the time she needed. she is also the girl who was hurt in the boatin accident

    16.07.2010 08:17

  9. Marissa:

    Want to be a Millionaire ?

    AWWWWW!!!! That is Christian Beadles. He is such a cutie =) Lol. He is 13 years old and I think his birthday is November 22nd. He is Justin Bieber’s old girlfriend (caitlin Beadles)’s younger brother. However, he is also Justin’s friend. He has a Youtube channel too. I love him?

    19.07.2010 02:10

  10. Brebre:

    Where Do Your Favorite Celebrities Hang Out ?

    there is only jb so wat and who u talkn bout

    19.07.2010 20:56

  11. nora! :):

    Is Michael Jackson Alive ?

    thats christian beadles, hes friends with justin and justin’s ex girlfriends brother.

    22.07.2010 10:50

  12. Mrs. Elle Bieber:

    Want to be a Millionaire ?

    christian jacob beadles

    24.07.2010 13:04

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